Ship supply in Las Palmas and general supply to ships

Ship supply in Las Palmas and general supply to ships

Amarok Shipping and Marine Services is a shipping agency and a maritime consulting company in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria that coordinates ship supply services for the yachts, ships in transit, off-shore vessels and other vessels 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of its staff, it satisfies the needs of its clients. In addition, this port agency also ensures that inward, outward ship´s clearance is issued on time and the captains, owners, charterers and port authorities are kept properly informed while their vessel is treated in the safest and most efficient way possible.


What is the ship supply?

When a ship arrives at port, its crew usually does not know the area or have time to get everything they need for their ship.  Stocking up on food, washing clothes, cleaning the boat inside and out, etc., there are many tasks necessary when a ship arrives at port. Not to mention the administrative tasks: customs, security, certificates and more.

It is also good to always have an local agency, who can inform the captain of the ship about everything they need to know about the port and the place where the vessel docks.

That is why you need a ship supplier and a customs agent. The good thing is that, thanks to Amarok Shipping Agency, it is now possible to have a comprehensive service that includes all this, and more in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Ship supply in Las Palmas: what is needed?

To get to Las Palmas port comfortably and safely, it is advisable to have services such as those offered by Amarok Shipping and Marine Services. In addition, they are available 24 hours a day and for any type of ships (General Cargo Vessels, Bulk Carrier, Tankers, Yachts, Passengers ships, etc ).

● Custom services coordination

● Stores and provisions supply arrangements

● Bunker Fuel supply to ships: Fuel Oil, Diesel Oil, Gasoline and Lube oil.

● Arrangements of ship berthing, loading and unloading of cargo or passengers in accordance with local customs and conditions.

● Cargo Operations: Coordínate stevedores and terminal operators, inform the relevant authorities, and organize and check documentation.

● Ship´s Clearance – inward and outward: Carry out the procedures to allow entry and exit, comply with the requirements of legal and regulatory authorities and coordinate the provision of port services.

● Providing all port Information to the ship´s captain or boat skipper, information required for a safe ship´s operation in port.

● Providing ship´s berthing schedule information for the ship´s captain or boat skipper and prepare a statement of facts list or a time sheet.

● Documentation:  On behalf of the captain, issue bills of lading and cargo manifests, delivery orders, certificates and others.

Ship suply

Assistance to the captain and crew

  • Assistance to the captain and all matters of the crew, consular requirements, organization of medical and dental treatments.
  • Supervision of crew changes: Assistance in organizing meetings, transportation, hotel reservations, flight reservations and organization of events on the ground.
  • Request and receipt of goods, services, supplies and spare parts for the ship.
  • Launch coordination services.
  • Organization of the reception of bunkers and lubricants.
  • Organization and coordination of repair and maintenance services: dry dock, afloat repairs, underwater repairs, underwater hull cleaning and polishing of propellers.
  • Cash to Master (CTM).
  • Organization and coordination of all other activities related to the daily operation of the ship.

General Agency / Operations Center

To have a complete and effective service, coordination is essential. This gives the vessels more flexibility. That is why Amarok has:

  • Agency network in Canary-Islands, West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Senegal), Gibraltar, and ARA area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp): In this way, the coordination of all the activities of the port agents and subagents is achieved to guarantee the correct fulfilment of all the usual requirements for the operation of the principal’s ships.


  • PROTECTIVE AGENCY (OPA): There are times when you need to rely on a preferred ship agent to act as your eyes and ears to supervise the charterer agent and monitor the port operations to protect your interests. AMAROK Ship Agency offers a protecting agency service to ensure you are protected.

Import Control System (ICS) / ENS– Entry Summary Declaration

Vessels loading in a non-EU port and bound for a EU port must declare all cargo in the first port of call in the EU. This is what is known as the EU Cargo Summary Declaration (ENS). This form it is required to be completed even when this first EU port is a bunker call or similar. If an intermediate port is non-EU, a new declaration is required. To carry out these steps, you can contact an agency such as Amarok Ship Agency.

Ship Fuel suply

Ship stores and provisions supply

In addition, Amarok can provide the ship with the following ship stores and provisions supply:

  • Deck, Engine, Cabin, Electrical, Safety Stores
  • BA Charts & Publications, IMO Symbols & Flags
  • Medicines with Medical Cert. & English Menu
  • Anchor Chain, Anchor & Anodes
  • Wire Rope & Mooring Rope
  • Pilot and Embarkation Ladders
  • Electronic & Navigational Equipment
  • Provisions supply: Fruits and vegetables, Sea Food, Frozen food, Dry food, Cheese, Milk and dairy products
  • Bonded Stores
  • Technical and safety services
  • Firefighting Equipment & Systems Services
  • Life Saving Appliances
  • Lifeboat & Launching Appliances,
  • Automation & Instrumentation Services
  • Marine aerial & underwater photography


On the other hand, it can also happen that the vessel needs to unload what it no longer uses. For this reason, at Amarok we are not only experts in the ship supply arrangements and coordination services, but we also offer a ship´s waste collection service. With a vast experience, Amarok Shipping Agency offers everything that a ship may need at its scale. Thus, if you have any difficulties, we put at your disposal our team of professionals focused on solving your problem. We are your reliable maritime partner, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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