We believe that we outperform other ship agency companies in every way: by our responsive and flexible services, through scale and regional coverage, for operational excellence, in our strict compliance with health and safety requirements, by the well-trained and experienced teams that operate in our company.


Port agency :capability to handle all vessel types (tramp, yachts,cruises, oil&gas)

  • 24 Hour Support
  • Arranging for berthing of vessels, loading and discharge of cargo and /or passengers in accordance with local custom and conditions   
  • Cargo Operations: coordinating stevedores and terminal operators, reporting to relevant authorities and arranging and checking documentation.
  • Inward and Outward clearance of vessels:  making arrangements to permit entry and departure, complying with the requirements of statutory and regulatory authorities and coordinating the provision of port services
  • Keeping the principal regularly and in a timely manner informed of port and working conditions likely to affect the despatch of the Principal’s vessels
  • Reporting to the Principal the vessel’s position and preparing a statement of facts of the call and/or a port log
  • Documentation: on behalf of the principal, issuing bills of lading and cargo manifests, delivery orders, certificates and such other documents as may be required 
  • Placing orders on behalf of the Principal for the supply of goods and services


  • 24 Hour Support
  • Attending the master and all crew matters, consular requirements, organizing medical and dental treatment
  • Supervising crew changes, meet & greet, transportation,  hotel bookings, flight bookings, shore pass arrangements, COVID-19 PCR test
  • Ordering and receiving goods, services, supplies and spare parts for the vessel.
  • Launch coordination services
  • Making arrangements for receiving bunkers and lubricants 
  • Arranging and coordinating repairs and maintenance services: drydocking, repairs afloat, underwater repairs,underwater hull cleaning and propeller polishing
  • Cash to master (CTM)
  • Arranging and coordinating all other activities relating to the day to day running of the vessel


  • Agency network in Canary-Islands, West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Senegal), Gibraltar, and ARA area (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp)
  • Coordinating all activities of port and/or subagents in order to ensure the proper performance of all customary requirements for the operation of the Principal´s vessels  
  • PROTECTIVE AGENCY (OPA):There are times when you need to rely on a preferred ship agent to act as your eyes and ears to supervise the charterer agent and monitor the port operations to protect your interests.
  • AMAROK Ship Agency offers a protecting agency service to ensure you are protected.


  • EU cargo declaration (Vessels loading in a non-EU port and bound for a EU port must declare all cargo in the first port of call in the EU, even when this first EU port is a bunker call or similar. If an intermediate port is non-EU, a new declaration is required.)  

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