We believe that we outperform other ship agency companies in every way: by our responsive and flexible services, through scale and regional coverage, for operational excellence, in our strict compliance with health and safety requirements, by the well-trained and experienced teams that operate in our company.

Sale and Purchase / Pre-Purchase Inspections

Underwater Ship Repairs and Maintenance Services

  • Sale and Purchase / Pre-Purchase Inspections.
  • Bunkering Survey (BQS)
  • Asset Condition Monitoring. On/Off Hire, Annual Inspections.
  • Inspections on behalf of Charterers and P&I Clubs.
  • Cargo Superintendent & Expeditor. Cargo Operations Supervisor for loading, discharging and Ship to Ship Transfer operations involving Oil and Chemical Tankers, making sure that the specific requirements of the clients are adhered to.
  • Tank Cleaning Operations Supervisor (CPP, DPP, Chemicals), providing expertise with full attendance on board tanker vessels changing over from DPP to CPP or from CPP (MARPOL Annex I) to Chemicals (MARPOL Annex II).
  • We also provide Supercargo services to Chemical Tankers involved in various tank cleaning operations.
  • Pre-Vetting Inspection (SIRE & CDI) for New buildings and Ships in Operation. Onboard Crew Training.
  • Newbuilding On-Site Supervision. Crew Training Assistance during Shipyard Deliveries or during Change of Management. Assistance during Sea Trials.
  • Dry Docking and Repairs On-Site Supervision.
  • Port State Control Pre-Inspection. Onboard Crew Training. Prepare the vessel and crew to avoid detention and deficiencies.
  • USCG-COC Pre-Inspection. Onboard Crew Training to avoid detention and deficiencies. Assist the ship’s Captain in the necessary reports and drills  ( USCG –eNOA/D, NBIC – Ballast Water Reporting, COTP-inbound or outbound-Letter of Deviation Request in case of safety equipment deficiency, QI and RAC drills, NOAA Fisheries–Right Whale MSR etc )
  • Incident Investigation
  • Audits (Navigational Audits, Cargo Audits, Environmental Audits, ISM/ISPS/MLC Audits )
  • Magnetic Compass Adjustment


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