About us

Who we are

Amarok Shipping and Marine Services SL is a Shipping Agency and Marine Consultancy company in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, providing a 24/7 maritime services. Our experienced and professional staff can ensure the needs of our customers are always met. Port agency is not just a ‘report and clear’ function of a vessel port call, but a partnership which ensures the Masters, Owners, Charterers and Ports are kept advised as appropriate while the vessel is turned around as safely and efficiently as possible.

Mission, vision and values


To provide a high-quality maritime service recognized for continuous improvement in a safe working environment and be the first choice for our customers. Our principle is that the client is always at the center of our business.


Be recognized as a reference at national and international level in the services it provides.


· Care for Safety, Health & Environment.
· Speed and accuracy
· Customer focused
· Reliability
· Quality
· Innovation
· Professionalism and Integrity.
· Team working.
· Commitment.

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